Wild Feminine Retreat 

Join us for the weekend retreat of Medicine Woman practices,

empowering you to express your Wild Feminine nature

with confidence and ease. 

17 - 19. SEPTEMBER 2021 
Yurtendorf/Luthern Bad, Switzerland 

As women, we are often pushed into being a ''good girls''. 

Our voices? Hushed and silenced. Our needs? Neglected and overlooked. Our expressions? Suppressed. Our songs and dances, tucked away. As something inappropriate, maybe even shameful. 

This is your time to break the cycle of family and society limited conditioning, to reclaim your self worth with womb wisdom rituals and to find unique expression of your wild feminine energy. 

Taking yourself back to simplicity of being a woman, deeply connecting with the nature in mystical Swiss forests, singing and dancing in Sisterhood circles, witnessing other women's stories and letting yourself to be witnessed too.




Return home deeply relaxed, empowered and at ease with your wild feminine nature.


 wild feminine nature

The hallmark of the wild nature is that it goes on.

It perseveres. 

This is not something we do.

This is something we are, naturally and innately.

When we cannot thrive, we go on till we can thrive again.


The wild nature is the core nature of all women. 

The most important thing is to hold on, hold out, for your creative life, for your solitude, for your time to be and do, for your very life; hold on, for the promise from the wild nature is this: after winter, spring always comes. 

- Clarisa Pinkola Estes



Express your Wild Feminine Nature With Confidence and Ease. 


To help you maximise the long lasting impact of all sacred rituals and practices during the retreat, you are invited to take a seat in our weekly virtual Sisterhood temple, called Rose Collective, one month before and one month after the retreat. 

Here, we gather each Monday at 8PM on Zoom for one hour, to honour our feminine nature with journeying through four feminine archetypes.


Each week, new archetype, new ways to honour your Divine Feminine energies and new ways to embody your unique feminine nature in your everyday life.  


 '' We have been dimming our light for so long, we forgot where the light switch was.''

- Lesley Calvo, Wild Woman - 


Every part of your retreat is designed to help you deepen your connection with your inner compass, recharge and enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

You are never too much or not enough. 

Perhaps you have been dimming your light so much that you forgot where the light switch was ... and perhaps you just need to remind yourself of your own powerful value, your own powerful voice, your own powerful presence. 

Being fully witnessed in Sisterhood circle by other women like you is the most profound, deeply healing experience a woman can give to herself. 

A transformational catalyst that heals generational traumas of our mothers, grandmothers and women gone long before us. 

Step into your wildness dear sister, roar loud and proud ... and make space for ALL parts of you!

Women Holding Hands

Fears, doubts, joys, laughs, anxiety, tears ... all is welcomed here dear sister. Come, take a seat in our Sisterhood circle. 


wild retreat location

Yurtendorf Village Tribe

Somewhere, in the middle of deep Swiss forest a Yurt village community was birthed. 


You walk on dirt path for a short while and approach ​this off-grid location. Once you arrive, the time seems to be stretched between the bird songs, and slow, rustic way of life in a deeply conscious, intentional community.

And just like that, you find yourself effortlessly connected to this new environment. Wild plant medicine, everywhere you look. You claim your favourite tree, perhaps your ally and teacher during the retreat and beyond. 

Your walks become slower, more mindful, exploring each barefooted step with all of your senses. 

You are not trying to be or do. 

You are simply ... more aware you. 


I don't care where you come from, what you do for living, if you know your purpose or not.

If you are feeling lost or already in your wild power.

I care about you. Real you.


The one that you might be still hiding from the world to see. 

From yourself to love. 

- Gabriela, Wild & Wise Woman - 


rustic accomodation

reconnecting to your inner wildness

Have you ever slept in rustic yurt? 

It is such a beautiful experience!

No light pollution at night. 

Noise? What noise ... the bees might be loud during the day, but night belongs to dark silence and deep rest. 

Each yurt accommodates 5 women, with your own, fully set bed. 

Plus, a cozy wooden fireplace in your yurt to keep you toasty on chilly evenings. 


Ready to reclaim your beautiful wildness? 

Vegetable Picking

garden to table

wild autumn roots

Yurtendorf's way of living is almost self sustainable with it's own large garden, zero waste practices, honouring wild medicinal plants, local cheeses, honey and homemade fruit jams ...

Oh, and how can we forget about freshly baked bread? Heavenly. 

The autumn harvest will gift us with the root based dishes, keeping us grounded throughout the weekend. 

All meals are lovingly prepared by yurt village community volunteers.

Each bite tasting like home. 

We are excited, are you? 



Image by Christina Rumpf


  • 2 nights in shared yurt with shared bath

  • Full board (local/seasonal/vegan/vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  • Water, coffee, tea infusions

  • Aphrodisiac Foods and Women's Tonics

  • Medicine Woman Self Care & Healing Set

  • All retreat rituals and ceremonies

  • Rose Collective membership for 1 month before and after the retreat ( virtual Sisterhood temple )​


  • Transportation to and from the retreat

  • Any personal health, liability, travel or other insurance.



  • All retreat payments are non-refundable but may be fully transferred to a new retreat participant.

  • In case of cancellation by the participant, there will be no refund given.

  • In case of event cancellation by the organisers of the retreat, full refund will be given.



  • Masks and social distancing will be adhered to according to cantonal and hotel requirements.

  • Each participant takes responsibility for their own wellbeing and safety precautions at their own discretion.

  • As a participant you also confirm that to the best of your knowledge you have no Covid-19 symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone else who does, and that you do not pose a health risk to yourself or any other person who may be present at the retreat.


  • Yurtendorf, Luthern Bad, Switzerland (between Luzern and Bern). Parking available 5CHF per day. Train + bus easily accessible. 10 minutes walk on dirt road from the bus stop. 


  • The retreat starts on Friday, September 17th at 3PM and ends on Sunday, September 19th at 5PM. More details on the itinerary will be send to you after the booking.  


  • 990 CHF - single yurt ( limited availabilities)

  • 890 CHF - shared yurt 

Professional profile image.jpg

 your retreat guide

traveler of a roads less traveled

Wild Woman,

You have traveled so far. ​

I feel, I have been on your journey once, or twice :) ...

You and I, we might have different names, nationalities, birth parents, beliefs, labels society or ourselves have given to us. 

But here, with me, in our Sisterhood circle, none of it matters.


I don't care where you come from, what you do for living, if you know your purpose or not. If you are feeling lost or already in your wild power.

I care about you. Real you.


The one that you might be still hiding from the world to see.

From yourself to love.  

But I see you, sister.

I see your light. I hear your wild roar.

Loud and clear. 

I am honoured to hold sacred space in the circle for you to awaken your Wild  Feminine Presence. ​

With love,