The Wellness Tribe is a heart-led lifestyle community of women that supports and inspires each other to create a more connected world one heart beat at a time.

A unique concept in the wellness industry, we take an innovative approach to health, wellness and spiritual services by curating events & experiences that equip you with the knowledge to realise your potential.

We are all our own healers walking each other "home".
The healer part of us is our innate right, a natural way of being and in no way something new.
If you are feeling called - trust your intuition.
If you find yourself drawn to mystical, esoteric and the unseen - explore it, trust your intuition.
You are simply rediscovering and remembering who you already are and always have been.

A spiritual being experiencing life in a physical form.

Sacred rituals and ceremonies have been part of the most ancient tribes. Using all six sensory experiences of our being we form connection to intricate fabric of authentic expression of ourselves.


We are all wonderfully connected and feed each other with so much nourishment just by sharing the moments as a collective sisterhood. There is much important work to be done in solitude; and there is another aspect of our higher selves that needs collective energies to evolve further. 


8 March, 2020 

Women's Expo, Zurich 


Our new lifestyle brand, Three Sisters, will be officially launching our hemp and linen Spring Collection at Women's Expo annual event in Zurich! Visit us at our booth and receive little luxuries self-care gift made just for you. Online shopping experience available March 15. And ... Pop Up event in Zug on June 13!

Three Sisters


22- 24 May, 2020

Yurtendorf, Switzerland



Sacred relationship with the Earth is deeply experienced throughout our upcoming retreat in off-grid location. Mindful silence, slow food, earthing and powerful sisterhood connection. Early Bird offer available now until February 1.  

Inner Compass Retreat 

15 March , 2020 

Alstadthalle, Zug Old Town 


Introducing four gatherings throughout the year. Celebrating cycles of nature and ourselves with 

local & seasonal food ingredients, medicinal herbs and energy shifts activations. This one day community event is also a platform for zero waste marketplace and preloved items swap, plant based brunch and seasonal workshops. 




18 - 20, September 2020

Zug Old Town 


We love conscious connecting, learning new things about wellbeing and transforming our lives to our best potential. Our women speaker panelists include Marine Biologist living nomadic life in Maldives for almost 10 years, Plant Stem Cells Scientist, also sometimes called " Plant Whisperer " based with her laboratory practice in Sweden ... and many more amazing speakers living life of purpose.

Don't miss unique invitation for Friday evening pre-festival apero meet & greet our entire team! Early bird offer available now until March 1.


Festival Zug 


Mary F. P. (Switzerland)

"I never had before a Reiki Healing Session until I got a huge impact in my life that left me devastated completely. I found Gabriela, who at first sight gave me all the courage I needed to open my mind. It was totally powerful seeing myself healing my deeply feelings and fears. She was warm, sensitive and delicate all the time. We finished the session with another conversation again, she listened to me and her positive energy embraced me to come back home with a clear mind and a heart filled of love. I’ll always grateful for this experience and to her, to Gabriela for helping me in this stage of my life."

G. T. E. (Switzerland)

"With a great loving heart, a beautiful personality and lots of wisdom Gabriela is just unique healer that really sees your true colors and makes you see your own light shining".

Melanie W


"As a yoga teacher and wellness provider myself, sometimes I neglect my own healing journey so that I can be giving to my students. The past 12 months I have been reminded to also focus again on my own wellness journey. Gabriela came into my life at this time when I wanted to experience healing on a greater level beyond the physical. To reconnect with myself, understand trauma more and how I may heal physical complaints by really understanding my subtle body."

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