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26. February - 2. March 2024

6 days, 5 nights 


By the end of this retreat, you will have a clear idea of what’s holding you back from living a fully expressed life, bursting with newly activated physical & mental vitality, learned how to easily access your infinite source of intuition and cosmic wisdom, and come out feeling more energetically aligned with being the best vibrational match to fully expressed life of abundant freedom. 

Wouldn't it feel amazing to live fully expressed life in your 50's and beyond? 

If you are a woman after 50, finding yourself at the crossroads of just how to navigate your next life chapter - welcome! Today's society does not know how to cater to your unique needs - on physical. mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It doesn't celebrate the incredible wisdom and life opportunities that come with this magical age, and there is so much to celebrate! 


Your partner, family and friends might have a hard time extending the type of support you need at this time. In fact, it's very normal not be quite sure what you really want at this stage of life and how to put your best foot forward.


Your ever - changing physical body might be experiencing weight gain and menopausal symptoms that are frankly just life hampering on its own. Emotionally, you might be facing new fears, and unexplained anxieties that might have you weighing down wondering if this is how getting older really feels ... 

Well, it doesn't have to feel that way and there is a way ( many in fact ! ) how you can juice up your life with increased vitality, activate an unlimited energy reservoir of your own authentic source of power and discover new ways to re-invent yourself. Yes, even after turning 50. 


The time to live your best life is NOW !


Imagine taking a trip to Koh Samui island in southern Thailand joining other women like you, effortlessly creating a space for yourself and exploring your wants and needs. 

Surrounded by the lush tropics with its bird songs, and seasonal mating call of cicadas. 


Strolling slowly amongst spiraling stone steps around your serene accommodation at award winning Tamarind Springs Forest Spa with natural pathways resembling sacred labyrinth that gently leads you from feeling stuck to feeling uplifted and light hearted. 

Your days will be spent slowly and mindfully; visiting steam cave that awakens your skin making it open to receive the goodness of the freshly made body scrubs from Thai sea salt, fresh coconut flakes and Thai medicinal herbs, that gently exfoliate, revealing smooth and even skin tone. Then, dipping your precious body into natural plunge pool, feeling instantly refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Luxuriate in the Spa treatments of your choice on site, facilitated by the expert Thai Spa therapists - be it pure coconut oil massage melting your stresses away, or Lymphatic massage acting as a master detoxifier. Or maybe what you feel you need is a beauty forward natural facial using Tamarind bean peel, fresh cucumber and coconut milk toner and hydration boosting aloe vera serum. 

Each magical day spent in meditative practices led by your expert retreat leader, awakening sets of a positive belief systems that moves you away from self doubts and fears towards living more fully expressed life.  

Tasting nourishing foods that your body will love ... Sweet, juicy mango, enzyme rich, fragrant pineapple, and a creamy local baby bananas - are some of the staple food culture of magical Thailand. 


When you create a room for yourself to grow and deeply explore '' WHAT DO I REALLY WANT ? '' and start allowing yourself to fill that wanting cup, you are re-connecting to the core of who you are on a physical and energetic levels. 

Getting stuck in life happens when we see only one perspective. Choosing a higher view, being willing to look from a new angle, or whatever it takes to broaden your original perspective is the way to go from stuck to fulfilled.


From that perspective, you open new space to express yourself more, reach more of your potential

and to give more of yourself to the world. 



The moment you step off the small airplane and on to the island land, you will immediately feel transported into another realm. Taking in that first deep inhale of the balmy air filled with the scent of the tropics, it's sounds, smells and anticipation.


Many believe that giant granite rocks scattered throughout the island hold powerful energetic codes that assist in raising our levels of consciousness. 

Your retreat accommodation is in a very close proximity to these magnificent formations; you will be touching them, connecting with their frequencies and bridging connection to the invisible world


Koh Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand, just one hour ten minutes flight from Bangkok towards the south. Measuring 25 kilometers at its widest point ( 1 hour drive on the '' ring road '' around entire island ) it is home to the award winning wellness destination Spas, meditations centers, luxury resorts, chic beach clubs and foodies aficionados. 





Thailand is well known for one of the best Spa treatments and techniques to bring your body ( and Soul ) back to balance. 

The importance of tending to your body stems from simple concept - when your body is experiencing tension, fear or anxiety you are not only unable to be at your best - you are also unable to receive physical and energetic nourishment from the environment. 

The idea of learning how to properly relax and enjoy that state of relaxation - and full receptivity - is a powerful component how to move forward in life and receive more boost of life force energy exactly when and where you need.  



You are a spiritual Being having physical experience on this wonderful blue planet called Earth.  

When you are in your full expression as a spiritual Being, you are living in your alignment. You feel profoundly connected to the Source ( and to yourself  ), you are feeling healthy, happy and able to take on anything that feels joyful to you. You are living an expanded life making multidimensional positive impact by simply being yourself. 


Your daily meditation techniques are designed to activate your third eye chakra helping you to become vibrational match to the frequencies of your Higher Self and receive channeled messages from the cosmic collective. 




Of course, no trip to Thailand would be completed without visiting one of the sacred Buddhist temples and receiving Divine blessings from the Buddhist monk.

You will get to also thoroughly indulge your senses by having some exquisite lunches and dinners in the healthy Spa Cafe at the Tamarind Springs Forest Spa as well as at carefully selected, off beaten track spots around Koh Samui. 

Every activity you will be participating physically & energetically in ensures purest intention that does not harm and enriches Thai culture, economy and local communities.  



Imagine ...

A tropical garden, magical rain forest, gently swaying palms, spacious lawns, majestic old trees, gigantic granite boulders, the sound of birds, trickling water falls, plunge pools, peace ... This is Tamarind Springs Forest Spa, your home for 5 nights Spa retreat. 

About Tamarind Springs Forest Spa:

Tamarind Springs Forest Spa is a green hideaway, stunningly beautiful, tugged away in a forested hillside with amazing giant Granite rock formations.

Since its opening in 1998 as Koh Samui’s first dedicated day spa, Tamarind Springs Forest Spa has achieved international recognition, and been heralded as one of Asia’s most outstanding and unique destination day spas.

Underlining the concept of innovative and creative “integrated architecture”, Tamarind Springs Forest Spa has been built and developed by its owners out of love for, and to preserve and enhance the property’s natural surroundings.

Using the luxury of space, all man-made structures, such as buildings, walkways, ponds, steam rooms, massage pavilions, etc. have been organically integrating into the existing landscape.




  • Monthly group meditation circles on Zoom to raise personal field vibrations and activate your intuition chakra

  • 1:1  Chakra Reading Analysis on Zoom ( January 2024 ) 


  • 5 nights in single or shared villa at Tamarind Springs Forest Spa

  • Round trip airport transfer

  • Island tour with transportation

  • Daily breakfasts, lunch and dinners

  • Water, coffee, tea, fresh fruit basket

  • Access to all Tamarind Springs Forest Spa facilities ( steam cave, plunge pool, lounge areas )

  • Freshly made face & body scrubs 

  • Your choice of two Spa treatments (1 hour Classic Oil Massage, Foot Reflexology, Head Massage or Facial ) 

  • Chakra Crystal Activation & Balancing ( personal session with GabrieELA ) 

  • Reiki Healing ( personal session with GabriELA ) 

  • Accessing Higher Conciousness Meditations ( group sessions ) 

  • Candlelight Mantra Circles ( group sessions ) 


  • Personalised Chakra Crystal Analysis workbook to help you create your home practices

  • Monthly group meditation circles on Zoom to maintain and support expanded levels of conciousness.


  • Flights 

  • Any personal health, liability, travel or other insurance

  • Alcoholic or any beverages not included in retreat package

  • Additional Spa treatments  




  • All retreat payments are non-refundable but may be fully credited for future retreat or transferred to a new retreat participant 

  • In case of cancellation by the participant, there will be no refund given.

  • In case of event cancellation by the organiser of the retreat, full refund will be given.



Hi, I so appreciate you being here, reading these lines - already grateful for you!

I am in my early 50's, about 3 years fully menopausal ( now perhaps post menopausal, thank Goodness, no more hot flashes! ) living my beautiful, fully expressed life between Zug, Switzerland and Koh Samui, Thailand. 

Everything that I share with you is a walk that I walked myself. I still do. With everyone I facilitate healing session to, or women who attend my retreats.


I don't have everything figured out, I don't have all of the answers either. What I do have is an incredible trust in life and what it brings, using my heart insights & intuition more than my brain, or thinking mind. The vast openness that makes it possible for me to be open channel to receive. The sharp awareness of the unseen and invisible allowed me to explore dimensions beyond physical realms. 

And that's just it. The magic doesn't lie in me teaching you anything new. The magic lies in your remembering who you are with the techniques and insights that served me on my own discovery ... sounds like such a cliche, but in life we often use words and logic where our intuition should, could and can take precedence. To be trusted, explored and used in the most  extraordinary ways possible. 

If your heart resonates with my vibe, join me in one of my life enhancing Spa retreats in Koh Samui.


I know your life will never be the same after experiencing it!


With love,


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