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Sisterhood Community of

Empowering You to Deepen and Optimise

 Your Healing Craft. 

'' We are teachers, healers, counselors, guides, coaches, ceremony holders, social activists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, communicators, artists and activists.

We hold our Medicine Woman Archetype in the private and public spheres.


We have been educated and raised in a masculine paradigm.


We need to remember who we are and reawaken our innate powers and passion.


When we do so, our work will bring much needed balance and healing to the world.


Do you hold the Medicine Woman Archetype?

Have you struggled to see how you fit in, what your path is, how to express your true self in your work and relationship?

In that case it’s time for you to heal, tune in with your gifts, and take your rightful place again in the world.

You are needed!

The world needs women like you to step into power and visibility and be a beacon of hope, light and healing '''. 

- inspiring words by Diana Beaulieu

'' It's time to step into your power so that you can

help others do the same ''. 



Connect in our weekly, virtual Sisterhood temple called Rose Collective.

Find support and empowerment in nurturing your feminine cyclical nature with other women like you. Form an authentic, deeply rewarding heart connected feminine friendships that heal.


 Deepen your intuitive abilities, enhance your existing healing practice and learn new skills in becoming Certified Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master Teacher


Integrate your personal and professional experiences, learn how to navigate through life changes and align yourself with an authentic life purpose of living life of service. Confidently step into your authentic power so you can help others do the same in our transformative Medicine Woman Retreats.

'' Avoiding triggers isn't healing. 

Healing happens when you are triggered and you are able to move through the pain the patterns and the story - and walk away to a different ending ''. 

- Vienna Pharaoh


More observing, less judging. 

More responding, less reacting.

More self love, less self sabotage.

More boundaries, less resentments.

More inner peace, less outer chaos.

More clarity, less confusion.

More being, less doing.

More faith, less fear. 



Graben 5, Zug, Switzerland 6300  /  Tel. +41 78 737 9974

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