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Traditional Asian hand-made incense sticks Made with sandalwood powder, resin and native plants inspired by Indian culture and lifestyle. that is mixed with concentrated pure onion oil For baking fragrant smoke for 30 minutes.


Our Aromatic Little India Incense Sticks are hand rolled and made from resins, ground sandalwood, and herbs from Southern Asia.


1. Sonnet Contains : Indian Rose, Wild Rose, East Indian Sandalwood


2. Moon Shadow Contains : Vintage Amber, English Lavender, East Indian Sandalwood


3. Night Contains: Orange Jessamine, Wrightia, Tuberose


4. India Contains: Champaka, Frangipani, Lady of the Night


5. Viharn Contains : Indian Jasmine, East Indian Sandalwood, Cedar Wood, Vintage Amber


6. Oom Contains: Indian Agar Wood , Damask Rose, Vintage Amber


7. Shanti Contains : Vanilla, Sri Lanka Cinnamon Bark , Wild Honey, White Tea

Little India Perfume Stick

SKU: 002
  • 1. Burning incense should be used in a well-ventilated area. In the case of use in a closed room should be used in small quantities or depending on the needs of the user

    2. Should always light the incense in the upwind position and near the desired area. so that the smell can be fully absorbed to the user

    1. Incense sticks are compact in size. Portable and easy to use So it can be taken with you anywhere, anytime.

    2. With good and fast diffusion of incense sticks. When you have limited time and are in a hurry or wanting to get rid of unpleasant odors, such as the smell of food Light a stick of your favorite incense stick. Just like this, your room will come back to smell as before.

    3. Incense sticks are made from the powder of wood that is full of aroma throughout the stem, so if we want to stop using it. Can put out the incense immediately and can be used in the next time without the need to replace the stem because the incense still has the same fragrance spread throughout the stem.

    4. With the charm of a unique scent in Asia Incense is therefore used in activities to increase relaxation, meditation and religious rituals.

    5. To create your own unique scent Many incense scents can be lighted together, for example, when you want to smell them to reminisce about romantic nights in South Asia. Sumatran White Champaka, Egyptian Tuberose and Northern Indian Jasmine incense can be burned at the same time, etc.

    6. Do not light incense unattended and near flammable objects.

    7. Do not light incense in places that are too windy, such as the seashore or by the river because of the strong wind. will cause the smell to dissipate quickly

    8. Incense should be stored away from moisture, heat and sunlight, and all incense should be kept in a closed package. to prevent unnecessary volatile odors.




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