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Flower and plant scented candles through the traditional hand pouring process Made from natural raw materials such as soy wax, cotton wick. Formulated with 12% fragrance oil, this candle can be completely melted. It also spreads the smell in a wide area. and gives a long-lasting fragrance for 50-60 hours, including being environmentally friendly.

Aromatherapy Soy Candle

SKU: 003
  • 1.This scented candle is made from soy wax and pure essential oils. One glass candle is suitable for use in an area of ​​20-30 square meters.

    2. Before using the candle The wick should always be trimmed to a length of about 5-6 mm. and repeated every 2-3 hours when used continuously for a long time. to avoid soot

    3. When using The candle wick should always be in the center position. for ease of use and complete combustion of candle wax and close the lid for use next time.



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