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A traditional scented sachet made with natural fermentation methods. and an intensely pure essential oil inspired by Indian culture and lifestyle. Just hang or place it in different areas such as wardrobes, drawers, luggage or cars for a long-lasting fragrance for 2-3 months.

Little India Perfume Sachet

SKU: 001
  • how to use

    1. For good scent distribution Scented bags should only be used in enclosed, small spaces such as wardrobes, drawers, suitcases or cars.

    2. Should not be used in areas with heat, sunlight and strong winds as it will shorten the service life.

    3. When the fragrance starts to fade Should bring the fragrant bag to shake. in order to stimulate the molecules of aromatic oils to be able to use again

    4. The scent sachet contains concentrated essential oils. It should be hung in an air-circulated area. And be careful when placing or hanging it next to materials that can be damaged by heavy oil, such as painted wood or plastic. to paste Look for a container, such as a ceramic or glass tray. To prevent damage from the volatilization of concentrated essential oils.




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