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A B O U T  O U R  R E T R E A T S


Have we as a culture lost our wildness? Take a look in 90% of American’s kitchens and you will find pre-packaged jars containing evenly ground roots and spices and very few kitchens with bottles and jars containing wild foraged roots and whole plants. The same thing goes for our medicine cabinets. What has happened?

One thing we can all agree upon is that we are as a culture very busy. Many of us feel that we don’t have the time to learn about wild local plants and to make our own medicines. To me this is a symptom of a deeper cultural illness that causes us to feel separated from nature and in a race with time. As creatures on this planet who are just as earth reliant as birds and beavers, somehow we have forgotten that we too are simply upright wild animals. That we need the earth, her rhythms, her medicines, her wildness, and her teachings to be well and well-adjusted to life on this planet.

I recently came across a definition of wildness that I really like. It is, “Wildness: adj., living in a state of nature” which points to the idea that wildness is natural. To get back to this state of being we don’t have to renounce all of our human comforts but it does mean that we will have to pay more attention to what is going on outside and staying abreast of the subtle changes in our environment. Very simply, embracing our wildness means living in a way that honors our relationship with our natural world and acknowledges that we too are natural wild beings.

One of the easiest ways we can reconnect to nature and engage in the natural world is through the gathering and using of local wild medicinal foods and plants. The benefits of foraging for your foods and medicines are many.


  1. The primary benefit of wild foraging is that it connects you to the biome and ecosystem where you are living. Eating off the ground where you live literally roots you to your location. The plants growing in Brooklyn contain a particular intelligence that is suited that location on the planet. When we eat those plants it informs our bodies of our own microclimate, adaptive challenges, local bacteria, and environmental gifts. Eating these plants gives us access to all of the information that we need to know to thrive in our current location and tells our bodies that we are in Brooklyn, not Hong Kong, and not Chile.

  2. Secondly, wild foraging gets us outside and moving around. We all know how important vitamin D is for our health and spending time outdoors gives us a natural boost of this mood elevating nutrient. We are also gaining the physical benefits from walking, squatting, forward folding, reaching, and stretching. All great things for our physical and mental health. In Japan they have a wellness practice called “forest bathing” which is the simple practice of going out into nature to be and to breathe. I think the therapeutic benefits of spending time in nature just on its own is enough to help us feel our connection to the land and world around and within us.

  3. The third benefit is that you are getting nutritionally intact foods and medicines. We all know that nutrients degrade over time. There is nothing like a fresh picked tomato or freshly harvested herbs to show us this difference. When we go out and harvest wild onions to make fire cider or fresh violet leaves to add to our salad we know we are getting all of the important phytochemicals we need in their most intact state.

It is a big wild world out there and the plants are ready to teach us how to grow and thrive right where we are. There is an abundance of wild foods and medicines especially on the east coast of the US where I live. It is a real treasure to go out into my yard and see the waving heads of violets, the broad leaves of plantain, and the sturdy roots of the dandelion to remind me where I am and who I am.


















A woman who is ready to rediscover and strengthen your true identity; to form deep connection to yourself, others & the environment around you while feeling alive and joyful?

I am talking to you, because just like you, I have experienced loss of my own identity, felt separation from myself and others and forgot how to dance through the chaos and beauty of life. Just being silly me. Without apologies, without doubts, without guilt trips …


Not having tools to define myself as a woman, I was painfully defined by others - by society, social norms, countries I lived in, jobs I worked in and friends & intimate partners I spent time with. 

It wasn’t like I didn’t know better. I knew. On some level, I knew that sacredness of wild Spirit was dormant, shut –off, undiscovered and oh, so dear to me. My Soul was crying out and I wasn’t listening.  I was too busy with my existence collecting approvals of others everywhere I went. I was too busy feeding my ego celebrating my outer beauty, material achievements and status in life. Living in New York City at that time only contributed and pro-longed finding that real connection with myself. Anonymity, being tough & ruthless were celebrated traits that everyone seemed to go by. 


Quietly and without much notice, a new life has approached me. Top hospitality brand I was working for at that time, lend me an opportunity to transfer to Asia.  After 17 sweet years, I felt ready. For the next year I found myself re-inventing who I was in Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.  Delving deep into mystical spiritual practices of Hinduism, Buddhism and New Age, I managed to break myself open, re-discover my true essence acquiring tools to build a woman I am today. Back in 2009, during my first ten days Vipassana Meditation in dense forests of Thailand, my Spirit awoke to a brand-new existence and I knew I will never be the same again. 


And I am not done. I am becoming. I am evolving. I am wiser. I am truer to myself than ever before. I live my truth gracefully and with an open heart. I am saying my no’s and yeses with an integrity. No self-sabotaging here … but, boy do I know how far I have come!


My wish is to be able to share with other women my journey to self-empowerment through self-awareness and much needed self-care hoping to inspire to live the best version of themselves. 


Ready to go deep, work hard on yourself, be brave while facing all that might be holding you back from living your truth out loud and gracefully? 

  • Do you feel like you are struggling to STAY CONNECTED TO YOURSELF in this fast-paced world?

  • Do you find yourself anxious and wondering HOW TO BETTER INTEGRATE ENERGY SHIFTS happening right now?



Are you ready to:

CONNECT - with yourself and others in a sacred & nurturing community setting? 

LEARN - new skills to live the best version of yourself? 

TRANSFORM - your fears, anxiety and chaos into sense of aliveness and purpose? 


Is it your first time and not sure how the process of retreat will feel like for you?


  • You show up for yourself, dancing, being playful exploring your inner child, being sensual encouraging softness and receptivity back into your life.

  • When you mindfully indulge in every bite of nourishing food, where every morsel has a link to the Mother Earth all around you. 

  • You freely move and dance re-connecting to your physical body and femininity once again. 

  • You decide to listen to your heart, at last and truly explore what’s in that scared space of being a woman.

  • You decide that it’s time to be heard and be seen, without feeling shame or guilt anymore.

  • You decide that you are more than enough.

  • You end up being loved and accepted by other sisters just like you in a safe container of sisterhood. 

  • And you know what else?

  • You end up accepting and loving yourself – exactly as you are



  • You sing . 

  • Maybe first time in a very long time you explore hearing your own voice, in the sacred vibration of mantra singing. 

  • You breathe deeper and slower.

  • The fresh, mountain air is carrying your breath throughout panoramic hills of Rigi Mountain. 

  • And it is right there and then, that you allow yourself to be awaken to a life full of potential as a woman.