'I've aways preferred roads less traveled.
Perhaps this is one of those'.

- Gabriela 
Modern Medicine Woman, Energy Alchemist, Founder of The Wellness Tribe.


- I AM LOVE - 



Hello dear Sacred Being,

Thank you stopping by here to get to know me and find out what I offer from living the life of service. 

Take what you need and listen to your heart for that big - yes! -  in all you do. 

It is beautiful connecting with you and I wish you great life of infinite possibilities!

With love,


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Global citizen of living in more than 11 countries and self-proclaimed nomad of roads less traveled, Gabriela lives her life fully, shamelessly exploring all that there is to explore in life. She believes in having no particular "identity", labels or limits. Forever morphing into the next version of herself she is no stranger to constant changes and life transitions. 

Being born in a strict Catholic family in communist Czechoslovakia shaped her early forming years of childhood. Large family of 2 brothers and 2 sisters has forever etched sense of community and the love of togetherness into her heart. 


​She spent following 17 years of her life living in fabulous New York City. "New York raised me" - says Gabriela with visible affection in her voice. "I have become my own adult in a very glamorous, yet extremely competitive, materialistic world that New York can be."

Her profound spiritual journey might have begun much earlier, but it wasn't until she moved to Asia in 2010 that marked an important turning point in her personal & professional life.

 Exploring ancient healing modalities of South East Asia, peeking into Hinduism scriptures in Indian ashrams and deepening her Tibetan Buddhist studies with monks in Himalayas, Gabriela went on the journey of Self-discovery.


Her past 7 years living in Asia have been marked with important transformations serving as a personal template in all of her sessions, workshops and retreats. 

Life well lived.


Today, Gabriela is integrating her professional and life experiences into her uniquely designed offerings in Switzerland and globally.

She is a Founder of The Wellness Tribe, Reiki Master Teacher, Creator of an annual WellBeing Festival and Wellness Professional with a private healing practice in Zug, Switzerland. 

Gabriela  mentors Wellness Professionals individually and

 in collective courses and retreats settings. 



  • The Wisdom of Trauma Course with Dr. Gabor Mate

  • Energy Medicine Course with Donna Eden, Switzerland 

  • HeartMath Breathwork Facilitator, USA

  • Cranio Sacral Therapy Level One, Thailand 

  • Reiki Master Teacher, Bali & Thailand

  • Buddhist Studies, Tushita Center/India

  • Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training, India

  • Director of Spa, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts/ Six Senses Spas ( New York, Asia, Europe, Africa )

  • Licensed Esthetician, New York, USA

  • Spa Management, New York City

  • Fitness Professional/Model, New York City

  • Nurse, Slovak Republic