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Pure Alpine waters that heal.

Fragrant air full of summer promises.

Endless fields of Sun kissed wild flowers.

Your Earth prayers crafted by the heart.



Boost your health & wellbeing with wild herbal elixirs, seasonal whole foods, and energetic places of power. 

4 - 6. JUNE 2021 

Girl Hiking in Mountains

I always loved the vibes on Rigi Mountain.

Perhaps because we both recognise Queen in each other ... or perhaps I intuitively felt how lovingly, yet with humility of a Goddess, she carries powerful energy vortexes throughout her landscape, offering healing to seekers for centuries. 

Mountainous locations are particularly good for recharging our energy reserves. Sacred sites such as chapels and churches also often mark places of power.

I have been working with energies for decades, but only recently I have discovered fascinating way to measure life force energy field in our environment, in us. 

A place’s energy can be measured with the help of a pendulum or rod and a measuring scale. The Bovis biometer was developed by French physicist Alfred Bovis (1841-1947). It is a scale that is used to measure wavelengths in Bovis units, which are known as ångström. The diviner holds the rod or pendulum in their right hand and the biometer in their other hand. The key question is now: how many Bovis units does the Earth have here, at this place?


I have learnt that human body when it feels well balanced vibrates at 8,000 Bovis units indicating a normal, healthy level of vibration. The average value is 6,500. Everything below that will take energy away from you; everything above will give you energy.


On Mt. Rigi the values are higher. That means that certain places of power, such is Rigi can help us recharge and rebalance our chakras - naturally! How cool is that?

Rigi, Queen of the Mountains radiates with heightened natural energy throughout her landscape and there are several reasons why Rigi vibrates this way:

  • Mt. Rigi has more sun than anywhere else in the surrounding region.

  • The peaks of the Alps and foothills act like telluric conductors (antennas) and their effect is intensified through the reflections in the various lakes.

  • Mt. Rigi has been a place of pilgrimage since the end of the Middle Ages. Those suffering from illness used to ceremoniously bathe in cold water at Rigi Kaltbad in the hope of being cured. Today there is still a chapel at this site and the highest Bovis units on Mt. Rigi have been measured in this area.

And now another reaaaally cool thing I want to share with you - the list of power places on Rigi and measured in Bovis units:

  • Rotstock (highest point/slope): 13,500 ( some of you were there during our last year Rigi retreat!)

  • Kreuz (on the ridgeway between Staffelhöhe and Känzeli): 18,500

  • Felsenkapelle (rock chapel): 15,000 (This is where we are going to collect healing water as an energetic base for all or herbal elixirs). 

  • Rocky pass to the Felsenkapelle: 23,000 (Mt. Rigi record; something that I call '' Divine Initiation ''' ... it truly does feel out of this world. Super multidimensional experience and our 1st day opening ceremony will take place here). 

  • Rigi Kulm: 15,000

  • Maria zum Schnee (Maria of the Snow) chapel at Rigi Klösterli (votive table at the entrance): 20,000 ( Oooooh, this is golden ladies. We will be actually staying a few meters from this sacred pilgrimage place! Blessed.). 

Seasonal Retreats 2021 -4.png



Fully honoring these sacred places of power, on our first day, we will embark on collecting pure Alpine waters from the healing Three Sister's spring located at Felsenkapelle chapel ( measured at 15,000 Bovis units ) passing through sacred rocky passageway entrance ( measured at 23,000 Bovis units, Mt.Rigi record).


In many ways walking between the rocks feels like Divine Initiation of some sort.

Will you take on this Divine initiation and walk the walk with us?

At nightfall, we gather by the fire, hear each other stories, sing simple songs, and dance to the sound of the sacred rhythm of the drum. 


The tucked-away St.Michael Chapel in the Rocks on the way to Känzeli dates from 1770 ... In earlier times, this place was called Schwesternborn (Sisters' Spring).

I also find this fact so touching as I am from three sisters myself ( I am the middle one ). But, back to the legend. 


The legend tells how, in the time of the Emperor Albrecht of Austria - at the start of the 14th century - three devout sisters retreated to this wilderness to escape the violent overlords who wanted to abduct them. There, they led a pious life. According to the legend, after the death of the last of the three sisters, a spring emerged, spouting healing water.


Many people came to be healed by bathing in the cold water that was diverted into a trough. That is where the name Kaltbad (cold bath) comes from. 

It only felt natural to hold our Divine Initiation in this place of power.


The already powerful energy vortex will be enhanced by our own intentions and the power of collective ... wow!!

Let's get ready for our EARTH PRAYERS. 

Image by Herbert Goetsch



Day two will be spent by immersing yourself into an intuitive energetics of wild botanicals and sensory art of wildcrafting herbal medicines guided by an expert eye of Herbalist and Aromatherapist Deborah Hladecek and Women's Collective. 

The healing waters from Three Sister's spring we have collected yesterday will be our energetic base for Sun-drenched Flower Essences and seasonal medicinals tinctures - and all of these creations will make a permanent home in your apothecary cabinet. We are excited for you and with you!


Reserve your seat at the wildcrafting table today.


Relax by the fire.

Meditate upon sunsets.

Take nature walks.

Dance your heart out.

Take time for yourself, as much as you want.

Meet women who feel like you.




On your last day, we will offer you various ways to integrate energetic shifts and retreat experiences.


Whether treating yourself to grounding Aromatherapy Massage, Reiki Energy Healing, or Chakra Balancing Session -  you will bring a sense of alignment, completion, and lightness on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.



You probably want to know where will you be enjoying your restful beauty sleep. Weeeell, can you believe we will be staying a few steps from one of the power places on Rigi?

Golden Hirschenen Hotel is located in Rigi Klösterli, about 100 meters from The Maria zum Schnee pilgrimage chapel ( measured at 20,000 Bovis units ) regarded as one of the prettiest mountain chapels on Mt. Rigi.

More and more pilgrims came to the «Maria zum Schnee» chapel seeking advice and healing, so from 1715, the monks stayed there all year round. Thirty years after it was built, the chapel was no longer able to cope with the flow of pilgrims. In 1721 it was replaced by a larger building, the pilgrimage chapel we see today. 


I remember walking into this extraordinarily beautiful chapel during our last year retreat, not knowing about her history. Yet, I felt her depth. She wrapped me in deep silence the moment I sat on her wooden bench. So much was asking to be remembered. Let's do this again together this time. She will help you remember your own Divine story.  





Golden Hirschenen Hotel, located 100 meters or so from the Klösterli stop, surrounded by endless lush forests where the unspoiled natural world touches all the senses. 

We have fallen in love with this old-school super friendly Swiss hotel. Owned by kind hearted five friends who are passionate about the healing and are healers themselves. There is a lots of humble integrity felt throughout the hotel perfectly aligned with our values.


To ensure your privacy and health safety we have secured only single rooms for the weekend. 

The hotel features sparkling clean, shared bathrooms in the hallways of each floor ( very family-style vibe that we actually like! ) 

The rooms are simple and have been beautifully renovated last year. 

We promise you will sleep like a baby in the deep silence of the Rigi forests and the fresh summer mountain breeze seeping through your window. 





Sure, we want to give you an all-around experience of wildcrafting with wild medicinal plants, but have we mentioned you will be also eating them?

That's right, the benefit of medicinal plants are super powerful in many forms, including in beautifully prepared seasonal dishes throughout the retreat. 




  • Cable card transportation from Arth Goldau to Rigi Klosterli ( round trip )

  • 2 nights in single room accommodation with shared bathroom

  • All seasonal vegetarian/vegan whole foods meals with wild herbs, water, and herbal infusions ( breakfast, lunch, dinner )

  • Wild Herbal Medicine making workshop tuition + including containers and products to take home with you

  • All Retreat activities

  • 3 months Rose Collective Membership for Sisterhood connection, support, and continuous learning ( value of 170chf )


  • Alcoholic beverages and extra food and beverages not already included in the retreat package

  • Aromatherapy Massage and Energy Balancing Treatments

  • Personal health, liability, travel, or other insurance


You will receive a full refund in case of event cancellation due to Covid-19 rules & conditions. 


If you cancel your attendance for an ongoing event, there will be no refund given, but we are happy to accept a replacement (transfer to a friend). 



We have opted for single accommodation to maintain the privacy of each retreat participant. Masks and social distancing will be adhered to according to cantonal and hotel requirements.


Each participant takes responsibility for their own wellbeing and safety precautions at their own discretion.


Finally, who are we?

We are four women just like you. Some of us are mothers, some of us are not. In the past 2 years or so we have been gathering in circles, retreats, and wellness-inspired events with other women. 


We are healers and medicine women, each of us walking her path of learning with vulnerability and openness. 


We live what we teach. 


We walk right beside you, laugh with you, cry with you, dance, and sing with you ...


Such is the power of Sisterhood.


Come, gather with us to explore how you can boost your health & wellbeing with wild herbs, energy vortexes and the power of a tribe. 

With love,

Women's Collective


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